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Visions & Values

If we want to be a good servant and a partner for the traveling customers in the next decade as well, we need to look ahead, understand and grasp the trends, reflect the requirements and the development of customer requests that will shape the design of our services in the future.

Teamwork, quality and success are at the heart of our organization accompanying every activity we are doing. Within the broad portfolio of catering and retail services, we are constantly striving for new and innovative ways to improve quality.

Staff training and programs of their development are based on achieving customer satisfaction and a strong focus on innovative solutions and methods of offer.

To achieve it, we share common values which are a common guideline for achieving company goals. These values are people, service, responsibility:


Selection – Our team consists of carefully selected skilled workers who enthusiastically provide professional service to our customers;

Expertise – All jobs have defined and also regularly evaluated knowledge, skills and attitudes;

Relationships – We build partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and necessity;

Development and education – We encourage personal development and professional growth with an elaborated system of education in collaboration with leading experts in the country and the schools.


Sensitive selection of brands – Selected brands create a comprehensive offering in line with demand in a given locality;

Suppliers – We carefully select quality suppliers who meet the highest standards of supply of ingredients, goods and services;

Logistics – Our logistics solves the difficult conditions of the transport market to deliver the goods of the highest quality possible to customers. To do so, we use a unique network solution of logistical points;

Quality – All processes are comprehensively managed according to the international standards for the benefit of the customer;

Experience – Our more than 50-year experience with the knowledge of the latest trends helps us to understand our customers’ needs in a constantly changing environment;

Customer-oriented approach – Every customer is important to us and we always act in line with his/her expectations and requirements that are regularly evaluated;

Favorable prices – Our prices are always competitive.


HR – We respect moral and legal responsibility to our employees, we act correctly in accordance with the ethical values of the company;

Environmental – We act responsibly to all natural resources beyond legal requirements;

Economical – We create and manage financial and material resources for the sustainable long-term development of our company, our partners, thus preserving jobs for our employees;

Social – Supporting persons in need is a long-term part of our annual expenditures and activities.



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